Paintshopblog tutorials back under new domain

Paintshopblog is now known as TorQQue’s Tutorials here at I spent countless hours creating Corel Paint Shop Pro tutorials that I felt were very helpful and easy to follow for readers and fans of the program. The site had been online for 5 or 6 years and it always got decent rankings in the search engines up until 2012.

Google has always emphasized creating quality content to achieve good search engine rankings and I always stood by that.  I never tried to exploit or artificially inflate Paintshopblog’s search engine rankings in anyway. I truly went out my way to create excellent content, and anyone that has ever viewed one of my tutorials knows that.  However, after the Penguin update a couple years ago, Paintshopblog was completely removed from the search engines and virtually all traffic stopped over night.

For some reason, my site got clumped in with the spam sites. The reason is likely due to having an exact-match domain.  Having the words ‘Paint’ and ‘Shop’ in my domain likely caused the algorithm to assume my site was a spam site.  When I created the site, I just wanted a URL that targeted my audience, not to try and manipulate the search engines. Many of good quality sites suffered the same search engine fate as paintshopblog.  I submitted paintshopblog for review numerous times to try and have the penalty lifted, but never heard anything back.

I finally became frustrated and closed the site and let the domain expire(apparently someone has since bought it and it now a tutorial site for painters).  Anyway, I was like, what’s the point in wasting hours of my time if no one has the opportunity to see the tutorials.  Hopefully, with this new domain, the site will not get penalized again. Even if it does for whatever reason, the popularity of the Social Networks have exploded and I will focus my energy promoting the site through those channels.

The old Facebook page is ultimately one of the reasons I decided to put the content and site back online. Some of the followers there were asking what happened to the site and they wanted to access to the old tutorials. Another reason, I recently launched a website devoted to Kentucky Wildcat Graphics and I use Paint Shop Pro to create all my graphics for that site too. I will be adding tutorials here for many of the graphics I create there. However,  those won’t be the only new tutorials. We have a new edition to our family. My wife and I had our 3rd son and he is adorable. He is now 5 months old and she has taken ton of pictures that I can’t wait to edit and share with you all.  BTW, here are my 3 boys, I am one proud father.


In closing, I just wanted to quickly update everyone that still follows the site on what happened with the old site.  One more thing before I go, I have added a mobile friendly theme to this site and I also removed the old comment system and replaced it with a Facebook commenting system. This will allow us to communicate and interact much easier than before. I look forward to your comments and/or questions.  Thank you.