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Photo2text paintshop pro brush

How to create a text portrait brush in Corel Paintshop Pro X4

This process is often referred to as photo to text, portrait to font, and/or photo to ASCII. I have seen similar effects created in Photoshop, but I haven’t seen a tutorial demonstrating the process in Corel Paintshop Pro.

How to create custom brushes for Corel Paintshop Pro

Creating brushes in PSP is really simple. To create custom brushes there are basically three things you need to do when you are preparing to export an image to a brush.

25 Free Decorative Swirl and Flower Brushes for Paint Shop Pro

I have put together a unique set of swirl brushes combined with several decorative flower/floral brushes from various stock photography images at The links to all the originals are included below and in a separate text file within the zipped brushes.

Free Paint Shop Pro Splatter Brushes

Here is an awesome set up of 11 free Photoshop Splatter Brushes by Corelila at deviantart that I have converted to Paint Shop Pro brushes.

Halloween Brushes for Paint Shop Pro

Here is a nice set of Halloween Brushes for Paint Shop Pro that you can use with all your Halloween themed projects this fall. The original brushes were designed by

Planet and Space brushes for Corel Paint Shop Pro

Here is a nice set of Photoshop planet and space brushes that I converted to work with Corel Paint Shop Pro. These planet brushes were designed

How to install the Paint Shop Pro Lashes & Lips Brushes or other zipped brushes.

This is a beginners tutorial for those having trouble installing brushes in Paint Shop Pro.

How to easily convert any photoshop abr to a Paint Shop pspbrush and/or jbr.

Do you get the dreaded “the specified file cannot be identified as a supported type” when you try to import a Photoshop abr brush set into your Paint Shop Pro?

Lips and EyeLash brushes for Paint Shop Pro

The Lips and Eyelashes download link available here at Paintshopblog. They have been compressed into a zip file for your convenience.