How to add text to curved paths (or any path) using Paint Shop Pro

Here’s a quick little text tutorial that will demonstrate how to add text to curved paths (or any path) using Paint Shop Pro. You can create your own paths and/or trace a path on an image using the pen tool, or use the preset shapes built into Paint Shop Pro.

Adding text to paths can allow for your designs and projects to become more dynamic and eye catching. We often see a lot curved text designs in company logos, movie posters, postcards, calendars, signatures, avatars, etc. If you haven’t discovered yet, how to add text path to your projects, then you may find this technique beneficial and/or fun. The path your text takes is up to you 🙂 Let’s get started.

Step 1

Select one of the preset vector shapes and/or use the pen tool to draw a custom vector path. Note: Make sure “create on vector” is checked.  Also, if you don’t want the shape to be filled with a background color make sure you set the background to transparent in the materials palette.

Step 2

After you have your vector shape complete, select the text tool. Hoover the crosshair of the text tool anywhere over the edge of the shape. The text tool crosshair will change to the image below which represents that you want to write text to that particular area of the path.

Step 3

Next, left click on your mouse to begin writing the text. Note: Make sure the path symbol is active under the “text crosshair” before you left click, otherwise the text will not be applied to the path of the shape.

Step 4

Once your text is complete you can turn off the visibility of the shape you used to write the text by expanding the vector layer, and toggling off the original shape.

Step 5

That’s it. Remember, you can also convert the vector to a raster layer by right clicking the vector layer in the layers palette, and then selecting Convert to Raster Layer. Converting to a raster layer will allow you to apply effects, such as drop shadows to your text.