How to create magazine covers in Paint Shop Pro tutorial.

This should be a simple Paint Shop Pro project for you to do, assuming you are somewhat familiar with basic Paint Shop Pro image editing techniques. To complete this tutorial you will need to know how to cut out images/remove backgrounds.

A couple months ago I posted a video tutorial of how to create custom PSP tubes. That video should provide you enough information about cutting out images/removing backgrounds. You can view it here. You will also need to be very familiar with creating layers because in this tutorial you will be creating several layers for the magazine. For this magazine video tutorial I used a beautiful photo of my wife. I have done several of these in the past. I have also included a soccer sporting magazine I created for oldest son Gage.

To help you out with this tutorial I have included the completed PSPIMAGE so you can use it as an example to help you understand the multiple layers. It hasn’t been re-sized and is roughly 7mb. Click here to download it. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.