How to create a silhouette in Corel Paint Shop Pro?

This is a very simple tutorial that will teach you how to make a silhouette from any photo using any color, gradient, or pattern. I don’t think I have shown off our new German Shepherd puppy on here yet, so I chose to use him (Ranger) for this silhouette example.

You can use this same technique to create a silhouette of a person, car, gadget, or anything else for that matter. These are very popular in stock photography. Save some money and make them yourself.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

Open the photo you will be using to create the silhouette.

Step 2

Make a selection around the object. Select the freehand selection and set the mode to point to point.  Place points around the object you want to cut out.  See this previous tutorial for a more in-depth guide on how to use the point to point selection tool.

Step 3

Next, save the selection to the disk channel.  Remember to name the selection for easy future reference. If you save it to the disk it will be stored on your hard drive and  will be available for any future projects. Optionally, you can save it to the Alpha Channel. The Alpha selection will only be saved within the pspimage of the photo your are working on.

Step 4

Now, go to Edit > Copy to copy the selection. Then go to Edit > Paste As New Image to paste the selection into a new image.

Step 5

Lower the brightness of the newly pasted image to -255 to create a black silhouette. Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Brightness/Contrast. Note there are several ways to do this, and in the next step I am going to demonstrate how to apply different colors or even gradients to your silhouette.

Step 6 (Optional) How to apply more colors to your silhouette?

Create a New Raster Layer. Right click on Raster 1 (bottom layer) and select Create New Raster Layer (Raster 2). Select the Raster 2 layer and then go to Selections > Load/Save Selection > Load Selection from Disk Channel. Or choose Load Selection from Alpha Channel if you saved it there in step 3.  Note: If you need to reposition the loaded selection, just move your cursor inside the selection while holding down the right mouse button to drag the selection to the position you want.

Step 7

Finally, flood fill the selection with any color, gradient or pattern you want. Note: Create a New Raster Layer for each color.