How to cutout /remove an object from an image, and how to remove backgrounds tutorial in Paint Shop Pro.

This is a step by step tutorial (with images) designed for absolute beginners. In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily cutout/remove objects from your photos,

and you will learn how to remove backgrounds using the point to point freehand selection mode. Do you have the shaky mouse syndrome when making freehand selections? Don’t worry if you do. Point to point selections gives you complete control when making selections. Anyone can make nearly perfect selections using this method. You will also learn how to use the contract and feather tools to make your cut outs blend nicely when applied to new backgrounds.

Step 1

Open up the image you want to cut an object from.

Step 2

Locate the “tools” toolbar located on the left hand side of PSP. Select the Freehand Selection Tool located under the “Selection tools” sub-menu.

Step 3

Set the Selection type to “Point to point” and set the Mode to “Replace.” NOTE: Using “Point to Point” will allow you to select an object in incremental steps. Essentially, you are placing points on the edge, and PSP will use those points to follow the path around the entire object. Trust me, this makes cutting out even the most difficult objects a breeze. You’ll be a pro in no time šŸ™‚

Step 4

With the Freehand Selection tool selected, pick a spot on the object to begin laying down points. NOTE: (Lay down a point by pressing the left mouse button.) I started laying down my points in the left-bottom corner of the dog. Click the left mouse button to create the first point. Now, move your mouse slightly up the edge of your object, and lay down another point by clicking the left mouse button. Notice how PSP is following the points as your are laying them down. Very Nice!

Step 5

Keep placing points around the edge of the object. NOTE: (I added the red-dots to roughly represent the incremental points I made during my selection)

Step 6

Keep repeating Step 5 until you reach your original starting point. Once you have made it back around to the original starting point, just click the Right Mouse Button to complete the selection.

Step 7

With the selection complete. Go to Selections > Modify > Contract.

Step 8

Set the Contract Selection Number of Pixels to 1. Press OK. Note: (This contracts your original selection in 1 pixel to give you a cleaner selection.)

Step 9

With the selection still active, go to Selections > Modify > Feather.

Step 10

Set the Feather Selection Number of Pixels to 3. NOTE: Feathering will give your object smoother edges, allowing it to blend better when applied to new backgrounds.

Step 11

With the Selection still active, Go to Edit > Cut

Step 12

Go to Edit > Paste As a New Image. Note: This creates a new image on a transparent background.

Step 13

Now, that you have your object cut out, it is ready for all your future projects. NOTE: (Don’t forget to save! You can save it as pspimage by going to File > Save As > pspimage and/or export it as a picture tube by going to File > Export > Picture Tube.)

Step 14

This is optional step. Simply open up a new photo and copy and paste your object šŸ™‚