How to install the Paint Shop Pro Lashes & Lips Brushes or other zipped brushes.

This is a beginners tutorial for those having trouble installing brushes in Paint Shop Pro.

Several people have had trouble installing the EyeLashes and Lips brushes that I posted several weeks ago. I apologize for not going more in-depth on how to install the brushes. Hopefully, this in-depth tutorial will assist those that have had trouble installing the Lashes and Lips brushes. . This tutorial will walk you through the entire process of unzipping the brushes, and what directory to put them after they are extracted. NOTE: IF you are installing a different brush set, just substitute PSP Lashes and Lips with “”

Step 1

Download and install winrar from this link. NOTE: Winrar is a rar and zip file manager. It allows you to easily zip and unzip files.

Step 2

With winrar now installed, go ahead and download the
eyelashes and lips brushes. NOTE: Remember the location/folder where you save these eyelashes and lips brushes.

Step 3

The file you just downloaded is named PSP Lashes and Lips, Go to the folder where you downloaded that file. For example, if you chose to save it in My Documents, your file will be located in My Documents.

Step 4

Now, right click on the PSP Lahes and Lips and select “Extract to PSP Lashes and Lips Brushes.”

Step 5

Once the files are extracted from the zip file you will see a folder in that same directory named “PSP Lashes and Lips Brushes.”

Step 6

Right click the “PSP Lashes and Lips Brushes” folder and select copy.

Step 7

Now, browse to this directory on your computer -> My Documents/My PSP Files/Brushes. Inside the Brushes folder right click and paste the “PSP Lashes and Lips Brushes” folder you copied in the previous step. NOTE: “My PSP Files,” is a directory located under My Documents, where Paint Shop Pro looks for brushes, plug-ins, tubes, scripts, etc., when it loads up

Step 8

Close Paint Shop Pro if open, and restart it.

Step 9

Now go check out your brush tips, if you followed this tutorial correctly they should be available to you. Enjoy!