Is anyone else frustrated or having problems with Paint Shop Pro X3’s new text tool?

I realize that many Paint Shop X3 users may actually prefer the new “on image” text editing features. Honestly, I would prefer the “on image” text editing too, if it worked correctly. The current state of the X3 text tool severely limits my productivity, and appears very buggy.

For example, I can no longer add text and cycle through the fonts like before. You see, I was accustomed to adding my text, then double clicking the text, which allowed me to proceed to cycling/scrolling through the available fonts, using either the scroll wheel or down arrow key. What this did was allow me to quickly preview and/or search for a suitable font for the particular image I was working with.

Now, I have to double click the image several times just to get the text tool to reinitialize after adding any text. Sometimes the text tool will respond, sometimes it will not, and sometimes it will just completely crash or hang X3. Cycling through the fonts is no longer available in X3, at least it’s not working for me. To change a font (as I mentioned before) I have to keep double clicking several times to get the text tool to reinitialize/respond. When it does finally initialize I can only switch one font at a time. Then it’s back to double clicking all over the image just to preview another font. This is very frustrating and limits productivity. See photo below of the problem I am experiencing. Also see mini tutorial below for a partial workaround for the unresponsiveness of the text tool.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with the text tool? I hope the problems I am experiencing are just temporary software bugs that Corel will correct through X3 updates.

For now I have found out a way to restore the Paint Shop Pro X2 text entry box in X3. The following workaround still won’t allow you to cycle through fonts like you could in X2 (at least I haven’t figure out a way). However, the text tool does become more responsive for me when applying or editing text through the text entry box.

Step 1

Select the text tool.

Step 2

After selecting the text tool HOLD SHIFT while left clicking on the working image. This will
activate the X2 text entry box.

Step 3

To edit the existing text HOLD SHIFT while double clicking the text on the image. This again will activate the text entry box. You have to repeat this every time you want to change to a different font. Now you can begin to understand my frustration.  If you are a person that adds a lot of text to photos this gets annoying really quick.

In Closing

It’s apparent that too much time was wasted on adding more marketable fluff instead of properly improving the toolsets. The text tool is completely broken. I have read on the Corel forums that the development team is aware of several problems/bugs with Paint Shop Pro X3’s new text tool and are currently working on solutions. I hope they patch this up soon. I am also experiencing many other problems with X3 that I will share in the next blog post.  In the meantime, I’m back to X2.