How to easily convert any photoshop abr to a Paint Shop pspbrush and/or jbr.

Do you get the dreaded “the specified file cannot be identified as a supported type” when you try to import a Photoshop abr brush set into your Paint Shop Pro?

How to create a cyborg with Paint Shop Pro – video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will learn how to create cyborg with Paint Shop Pro. For this video demonstration I used a photo of my youngest son Greyson.

How to cutout /remove an object from an image, and how to remove backgrounds tutorial in Paint Shop Pro.

This is a step by step tutorial (with images) designed for absolute beginners. In this tutorial, you will learn how to easily cutout/remove objects from your photos,

How to create magazine covers in Paint Shop Pro tutorial.

This should be a simple Paint Shop Pro project for you to do, assuming you are somewhat familiar with basic Paint Shop Pro image editing techniques. To complete this tutorial you will need to know how to cut out images/remove backgrounds.

How to remove backgrounds and create custom Paint shop pro tubes -Video Tutorial

This quick video tutorial will teach you how to remove backgrounds from your images, and you will also learn how to save those to make your very own custom Paint Shop Pro tubes that you can use in your future projects.

How to create a panoramic/polaroid 3d style photo with Corel Paintshop Pro. – Video Tutorial

Here is a fun little project that you can do with some of your family photos. The kids love them, at least mine do!

How to change eye color and add eyelashes – Video

Here is a video tutorial of how to change eye color and add eyelashes using Corel Paintshop pro. For this demonstration I used a beautiful photo of my wife. To complete this tutorial you will need to download the Lips and Eyelash brushes.

Free Paint shop pro tubes & How to install. Nice collection of animal, holiday, sports and nature tubes from Suzieqspsptubes.

Suzieqspsptubes has nice collection of psptubes available free for personal use. They literally have hundreds of quality tubes to fit about any of your personal photo projects. They have animal tubes, hoilday tubes, nature tubes, sports tubes and variety of other tubes that you may find useful.

Paint Shop Pro Makeover & Remove wrinkle tutorial: Hilary Clinton

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can easily smooth skin, remove blemishes and wrinkles from a photo subject. You can watch the video of the process featuring a photo of Senator Hilary Clinton. Hilary looks 10 to 15 years younger after the makeover.

Free Paint Shop Pro Light Effects Plugin: Luce

The free Luce plugin allows you to add advanced lighting effects to photos and text. Can be used as a standalone lighting plugin or used in conjunction with Animation shop to create animated light effects.